Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contribute to your website?

You’re always welcome. You can post movies and TV shows here and earn from video hosts. However we have a review process. You need to contact us first to get an author account.

Do I need to pay for download or watch movies at MovieGlide?

Absolutely not. It’s free.

Do you support video streaming from multiple sites?

Currently we rely on a single video hosting provider and we will switch them to alternate provider when we need to. Keeping a single stream host will reduce our workload plus it will speed up the website. If you don’t like the existing video streaming host, use download link to get them at your fingertips and watch from your computer! 🙂

How can I report dead links or deleted video streaming?

Please report them via our contact form. The title SHOULD be “Report: Dead Link“. Requests will be ignored if you fail to follow the same. Due to enormous requests that receive per day, and the amount of re-work needed, we may take several days to re-upload and may consider only few requests. We will do our best here.

How do I avoid ads at MovieGlide?

We’re not charging anything at your end. There are multiple different servers running 24/7 along with our enormous manual effort to keep it up and running. Server costs are high. We had to switch to larger networks due to more incoming traffic and content creation. We’re spending grands on running this website with a guarantee that it will ALWAYS be free for you. Ads are our only way to earn the bucks to spend for these costs. We promise you that we won’t show too much ads. Appreciate your co-operation.

How do I download from MovieGlide?

Each post will have a download link displayed at the bottom of video stream. It will take you to a text hosting website where all the file hosting links are securely stored. This website is no way affiliated with us and you will get real download links, not survey spams.

How do I request for new movie?

Please use our contact form. Title should be in this format: “Movie Request: movie name”. Requests will be ignored if you fail to follow the same.

How do I watch movies online at MovieGlide?

Each post is embedded with a video stream. You can enjoy watching movies or TV shows from your desktop or mobile device. If you see “Server” tab, click on it to expand the video streaming screen.

I’m not seeing much of TV shows here at MovieGlide. Why?

We’re a movie focused website. However we might post TV shows according to its demand, such as game of thrones. And guess what, if our mood is good, we would even post plenty of shows 🙂 So stay tuned.

Video stream not working at MovieGlide. What Should I do?

Are you seeing issues with embedded video stream? First thing you have to do is to wait for a minute or two to load the stream & then “refresh the page” if that doesn’t work. Re-visit the url again after clearing cookies and browser cache. Disable your ad-blocker in browser since that might block video streams. If it still doesn’t work for you, your ISP might be blocking the video streaming service. You might have to connect from different network or try from proxy to see if that works for you. We recommend to have high speed internet to use our website at its best. If ISP blocks your connection or video streaming isn’t working for you, download Tor and access our website though Tor.